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A Rare Titus as Caesar Aequitas

David Atherton

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Yes, I needed this variety, but the stunning portrait really won me over.


Titus as Caesar [Vespasian]

Æ As, 11.12g
Rome mint, 76 AD
Obv: T CAESAR IMP COS V; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: AEQVITAS AVGVST; S C in field; Aequitas stg. l., with scales and rod
RIC 911 (R). BMC p. 171 *. BNC 763.
Acquired from Jongeling Numismatics, January 2023.

Vespasian inherited a financial mess upon his accession in 69. His top priority was putting the state on a sound financial footing. Symbolic of that righting of the empire was the common reverse type of Aequitas. Aequitas holding her scales and measuring rod was probably based on a cult image of the deity. She first shows up as an imperial virtue on the coinage under Galba - a virtue that Vespasian was eager to emulate. This rare Aequitas was struck for both Vespasian and Titus Caesar in 76. Vespasian and Titus often shared the same reverse types, a move that no doubt marked Titus as Vespasian's heir to the throne. Missing from the BM.

As always, thank you so much for looking! Feel free to share your Aequitas coins.

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Bronze Coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Antioch during the reign of MACRIANUS, Usurper in the East, between 260 - 261 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.FVL.MACRIANVS.P.F.AVG.: rad. bust, cuir. r. Rev. AEQVITAS.AVGG.: Aequitas stg. l., holding scales & cornucopia, RSCIV #1b. RICV #5. DVM #1. RCSVIII #10798


Bronze coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Rome during the reign of CLAUDIUS II GOTHICUS between 268 - 270 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.CLAVDIVS.AVG.: Radiate, draped & cuirassed bust r. Rev. AEQVITAS.AVG. Equity standing l., holding scales & cornucopia. RCS #3195. RICV #14. DVM #3.


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