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Herakles umpteenth... or should I say, Omphteenth labor/Delphic oracle commands Herakles to be fabulous! Omphalakles


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Upon the killing of fellow Argonaut Iphitus,  and to atone, Herakles was ordered by Delphic oracle to spend a year in servitude to the queen of Lydia, Omphale:2071884358_170px-Dausch_Omphale_im_Fell_des_Lwen_1.jpg.450b84d2db0374ae6ef9c9b261dea845.jpg

(Here she dons Herakles masculine apparel; the Nemean lion skin and club. No direct link to her and the Omphalos stone, though it seems one must exist).

Where Herakles is forced to give up his iconic Nemean lionskin and club for her to wear and is forced to do "women's work" and even wear women's clothing in some stories! And writers and artists have been having fun exploring the fluidity of sexuality and our "rules" of gender ever since. 



(Herakles drunk)


My two new rarities (both won at opening bid. No fans of Herakles mythology on auction today?)


Lydia, Maeonia. Pseudo-autonomous, time of Septimius Severus. AE. (Bronze, 4.41 g. 19 mm.) 193-211 AD. Lydia, Maeonia. Pseudo-autonomous, time of Septimius Severus. AE. (Bronze, 4.41 g. 19 mm.) 193-211 AD.

Obv: [MAIO]NΩN. Head of bearded Heracles, l.

Rev: ƐΠI ΔAMA. Omphale advancing, r., wearing lion skin, carrying club over shoulder.

Ref: SNG von Aulock 3012; SNG Cop. 224–225; BMC 21–23.

Here's a cherry example *NOT MINE that sold on CNG for 340€:image.png.0d3fe0d9b9ddc008478b275e18ec5ac5.png

"The Lydian queen Omphale bought Heracles from the god Hermes, who sold him following an oracle which declared that Heracles must be sold into slavery for three years. During this time, he performed a number of labors, similar to those which he undertook while serving Eurystheus (The famous 12), including the capture of the Kerkopes, the killing of the Syleus, and the conquest of the city of the Itones. At the same time, he was forced to wear women’s clothing and spin wool., Herakles and Omphale inverted their gender roles: Herakles was to do what was traditionally women’s work and wear women’s clothing. Meanwhile, Omphale wore his Nemean lion skin and headdress and carried his club. This coin depicts Omphale in the lion’s skin, with the club of Herakles on her shoulder."


After his servitude, of course, she couldn't just let him go and married the big galloot in some tellings!


Though, not officially a labor this coin was a must for what initially was my "12 labors" collection, which had blue morphed into all of what Herakles accomplished many any deeds outside of the twelve and some are his best!


Please post you Herakles coins, thoughts, gender bending/exploration on coins and art or whatever releases your fluids... that is the historical fluidity of sexuality😘

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Nice coin,


here i my example:


Lydia, Maionia
Pseudo-autonomous issue
Time of Antoninus Pius, 138-161
Obv.: bearded head of Herakles left
Rev.: MAIONΩN , Omphale advancing right, holding lion's skin and club across shoulder
Ae, 4.28g, 19mm
Ref.: SNG von Aulock 3011var., GRPC Vol. 3 Maionia 44

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