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Can you help to identify this coin, please?


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I recently purchased a bag lot (60) of (mixed) Greek coins. I have managed to attribute all bar a half a dozen of them, and I am in need of help with those.

Most have come from Macedonia and date in the first century B.C.

Here is one of the coins that I am having some difficulty with.

Measurements 5.52 gm., AE 17.7 mm.

I believe that we may have on the obverse a male head (Bearded) facing right, and,

on the reverse we may have a female figure standing facing, head to left with right arm outstretched and left arm resting on a shield, spear behind.

Can anyone help me get further with an attribution, please? Thank you.




Magical Snap - 2022.06.06 08.29 - 078.jpg



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20 minutes ago, AncientOne said:

Looks to be this from Amphipolis:




Macedon, Amphipolis Æ 19mm. Circa 2nd century AD. ΑΜΦΙΠΟ[ΛEΙΤΩΝ], bearded head of Herakles to right, wearing lion skin / Athena Nikephoros standing to left, holding spear. SNG ANS 144; AMNG III/2, 54. 4.22g, 19mm, 1h.

Thank you Ancientone. That indeed does look like my coin.

Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you, again.

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