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which dealers on ma shops have ancients?


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Following the "newly added" items in the category ancient coins for a week or so will give you a pretty decent picture. From my experience: the dealers who add new items regularly are the ones who also have a good quantity.

Kölner Münzkabinett (DE), NB (BE), Numidas (AT) just to name some

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Here are the MA-Shops dealers from whom I've bought more than one ancient coin over the last several years:

CGB.fr is probably at the top of the list. 

Also: Goduto, Kölner Münzkabinett, Paul-Francis Jacquier, Odysseus, Wessex Coins, Henzen, Germania Inferior, and  Aeternitas in Spain. 

Ritter in Germany has lots of nice coins, but the last time I checked they still refuse to ship  to the USA. Despite their "Worldwide shipping" claim.


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As a related question, it seems like MA-Shops may include more dealers than VCoins overall, but I do see some dealers listing on both sites. I'm also pretty sure that I've seen dealers on VCoins that I do not see on MA-Shops. I usually look at both sites when browsing, but I wonder how much redundant work I engage in by doing so.

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