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are Folles of Maxentius ever found silvered?


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An essay authored by C.G.J. Pannekeet & Slootdorp in 2013, Diocletians monetary reform, states "He (Kenneth Harl) further states that the nummus (follis) contained c. 5% of silver while others speak of 3% and the RIC speaks of an average around 3.87%." That of course applies to the nummus of AD 294, while the nummi of Maxentius were struck at a later date (AD 307-312) & probably contained even less silver. I bought the nummus of Maxentius pictured below about 5 years ago & it contains an unusual amount of silver coating.


Maxentius, AD 307-312 (struck AD 309-312). Ostia Mint, 3rd officina. Billon Nummus: 7.08 gm, 25 mm, 12 h. Reverse: Fides Militum holding a signum in each hand.

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