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Imperial Remnant - coins of the Trapezuntine Empire


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Post your coins from that fascinating pocket Empire, truly the last remnant of a dying world.


Empire of Trebizond, Manuel I Megas Komnenos, 1238-1263 AD, silver asper, weight 2.83 g, diameter circa 20 mm; catalogue: Sear 2601
Obv: Saint Eugenius standing facing holding long cross; legend: ΟΑΓΙ ЄVΓЄΝΙO
Rev: Manuel standing facing holding labarum and akakia, crowned by manus Dei above right; legend: ΜΝΛ ΟΚΗ


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I have a few of the aspers, but none of the copper coins:


Empire of Trebizond: Alexius IV (1417-1446) AR Asper (Sear 2641; Bendall 79; Retowski 2)

Obv: St. Eugenius on horseback to right holding long cross; upper right, monogram; below horse, B
Rev: Alexius on horseback right; upper right, monogram; below horse, B
Dim: 15.5 mm, 0.92 g, 6 h



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Manuel I Comnenus. Emperor of Trebizond, AD 1238-1263. AR Asper (22mm, 2.79g, 7h). Obv: St. Eugenius standing facing, holding long cross. Rev: Manuel standing facing, holding labarum and akakia; Manus Dei to upper right. Ref: Retowski 68; SB 2601. Good Very Fine, some flatness, lightly toned. Ex CNG e240 (8 Sep 2010), Lot 510.


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John IV
Mint: Trebizond
1446 to 1458 AD
AR Asper
Obvs: Λ in circle. St. Eugene on horseback right nimbate, holding cross-scepter. In upper field right ИH.
Revs: John on horseback right wearing stemma with pendilia and loros, holding trefoil scepter.  beneath horse. B to right of horse.
Order # B 285
Sear 2642; Retowski 2

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Here is the plate coin from Bendall's An Introduction to the Coinage of the Empire of Trebizond. This arrived a few days ago with a few other coins after a long, delayed delivery due to the snowstorms we had in Minnesota.


Empire of Trebizond: John II (1280-1297) AR Asper (Bendall 33; Retowski 25)

Obv: Ⓐ ЄV - ΓЄNIOC or OAΓIOC - ЄVΓЄNIOC; St. Eugenius standing, holding long cross
Rev: IШ O KOMN - NOC; John standing, wearing diapered loros, holding labarum-headed scepter and globus cruciger; Manus Dei in upper right field


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An older acquisition, but glad I won it:

Empire of Trebizond: Basil (1332-1340) AR Asper (Sear 2622; Bendall 56; Retowski 1-11)

Obv: Ⓐ ЄV - N; St. Eugenius on horseback to right holding cross
Rev: Contraction mark over BA - M; Basil on horseback right, holding trilobate scepter


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