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numismatic symbols


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I don't know if this link is known here. Ulrich Wertz presents 550 numismatic symbols used in the volumes of the Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC)  as independent fonts for Mac, Windows and Unix.


Helpful if you want to print out labels.


e.g. I installed a font (WerzRICSz1) in Windows and it showed up in Word.



The SVG files are for Internet applications.

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Most helpful, thanks for sharing this @shanxi

To summarize: 
1. Download the article by Ulrich Werz posted on academia.edu.
2. Click the links in the PDF to download each of the individual font files from page 4. 
3. Install each of the downloaded files on your computer. If using Windows, you can also simply copy the font files to your C:\Windows\Fonts directory. Instructions on page 6.

As shanxi says, it just shows up in Word, no restart required. The font does NOT appear so readily in MS Excel 365 or Access, which require a restart. For myself, it took time and multiple restarts for all the fonts to be recognized in Excel and Access. Importantly: The font type does NOT appear on this numisforums website and you should not assume these fonts will work in any online site. 

Use the tables in the PDF to find your symbol, called here a "Glyph." In the tables, your keystroke is labelled "Ks."
For example, there is a section for symbols (pp. 18-26). Item #303 is a star over a curved line (see page 20); it is in Werz font file 2 and you press "b" to make it appear. Similarly, Item #383 is a wreath (see page 23). You press Ks 8 for a wreath using Werz font file 1. 


Alternative approach: select the ZIP file WerzRICSz_svg_by_font.zip to get all 14 folders with over 800 SVG files (scalable vector graphics). One file = one glyph. The thought is that you can copy one glyph and paste it into your document. Personally, I don't plan to use this approach. 

Using the Werz RIC Fonts For Numismatics in a Microsoft application is a bit challenging, as the font title is NOT displayed properly in Microsoft 365 apps. There are 14 font files, and while they are enumerated under Werz RIC Sz, the font name is not properly displayed. Instead, you get a sample of the font, as shown in the graphic below. Further, note two things:  First: you can see the true font file name by hovering your mouse over the font face, and second: the sequence in which they are displayed is 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. This is all a little bit less than ideal. Caveat emptor: Your experience may vary.



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I'm learning as I go, and updating this post as I do.
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