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"The Flavian Limes" near Tübingen (Germany) with undiscovered city?

Prieure de Sion

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Yesterday I discovered two interesting publications at academia - relatively new from the year 2022. The author Ralf Kempe assumes a previously unknown Limes section in the area near Tübingen across the Neckar. However, as I think I understood, the author is a layman and not an archaeologist. He is a surveyor - so he might be right about the soil acquisition.

I have only briefly skimmed through everything and have not yet looked at it in detail. But maybe it's interesting for one or the other ( @David Atherton ).
I have not yet read anything from the official side (Landesdenkmalamt or from Tübingen itself). 

For me, of course, the whole thing is very interesting, since it's only a 15-20 minute drive from me. Especially as we have two Flavian cities here, Rottenburg (Sumelocenna) and Rottweil (Arae Flaviae).

Of course, the whole thing is very speculative! But I think I'll go there at the weekend and take a look at the fields, meadows and town on the basis of his documentation. 


Here are the two publications - unfortunately only in German - but maybe you can have the PDFs translated.

Here is his publication on what he calls the "Neckasperrriegel":

And here is the second part, which starts from a (further) larger town in this area (Kusterdingen):



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