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Niet gedetermineerde tremissis


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4 hours ago, Coinmaster said:

Arent Pol bestudeert deze munten (al meer dan 30 jaar) en kan je er meer over vertellen, stuur hem dan een e-mail via:  a.pol@arch.leidenuniv.nl.
Geweldige vondst, gefeliciteerd!



Arent Pol beschikt over onvoldoende info op de munt.

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52 minutes ago, JeandAcre said:

@tomtjup, that's a stunning example; Congratulations!  

To @Spaniard's initial responses, it's fun to see stuff written in the only Western or Central European language that makes less sense to me than German!  Sustained chuckling ensues.

Haha! But that would be Hungarian!


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...Well, I was thinking of that, along with any Slavic language, as being 'Eastern European.'  But no, my geographic boundaries were decidedly arbitrary.  ...With Slavic languages, never mind Uralic ones, you can just push me into the water, on an ice floe, and watch it melt.

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Adding to what the others have written, this type seems to be attributed to the Merovingian mint at Orleans.  You can find several examples online but here is a similar one that was sold by CNG in 2017.

MEROVINGIANS, Orléans. Circa 620-640. AV Tremissis (11mm, 1.30 g, 12h). Angiulfus, moneyer. Diademed head right / Cross ancrée. NM 11; Belfort 535; cf. MEC 1, 461-2.

Excellent find!


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I think there is a system to translate it, but it is very impressive an other language is accepted. I think it is a very major argument to discuss here and to find new members with  linguistic problems.

I think my Antwerp speaking will not be translated, but in Egypt, I have met a Scottish couple who understand me, talking to my wife. The man said that his local language was very similar.

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