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Secret Saturnalia! (#1)


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This year I participated in two exchanges, so I'll post them separately.

The first one I received featured these two really lovely coins.

First up is this awesome Trajan silver drachm of Bostra, Arabia. This one is really neat because it is one of the few coins that actually features a camel, albeit a tiny one. I actually once bought one where the camel was described as "gato" - cat!



Next is a cool Antiochan issue of Philip I. Antioch is known for their popular standards reverse, with "SR" on the standard. I forget what SR means.

Antioch is also well known for some of the worst spelling mistakes in the Ancient world. Seems like all those celators were not only illiterate, but incapable of copying off a template. Volusian is one of the worst offenders.
This one is really good though, standard spellings, and nothing garbled. It does have a strange obverse text, with only "A" instead of "AVG" after "PHILIPPVS." Curious.


Many thanks, secret friend!

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