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Secret Saturnalia! (#2)


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My second gift exchange was from someone who obviously followed my posts (back when I was still making them...) and included a note to the effect that I would appreciate the opportunity to identify the two coins included, as they were not attributed upon receipt. Awesome, I love that opportunity!

First is this beautiful, large bronze in a miraculous state of preservation. I love this type of coin - just enough "honest wear" to make it meaningful, but not enough that anything is obliterated.
I first looked at the obverse, which is a lovely confronted, of which I only have a few. I love these!
I saw the Greek letter phi, which indicated Philip I, or II. The bust looked rather young, so it must have been Jr.
Then on the reverse, the "TOV" indicated that it must have been from Tomis. Interestingly, the die seemed to be grease filled, or something, as the subsequent letter "T" dropped off.
All that brought me to Moushmov 2320: Philip II confronted with Serapis, with Asclepios on the reverse.


And here is a glamor shot of Aesclepious!



Next is this, which is a Judean prutah minted under Nero. I don't know much about these, but my best guess is it's by the procurator Porcius Festus. This coin is in great condition, and definitely beats my other example out of the water.



Thanks for the fun and beautiful gifts!

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