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Help me please! Roman Provincial, goddess with snake (or bow?) reverse. Artemis-Hecate?

Marsyas Mike

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This came in an unattributed (unattributable?) lot from eBay and I am really stumped.  I can't even figure out the reverse figure - a goddess in a long, nipped-at-the-waist dress holding what looks like a snake (or a long bow?).   She appears to be standing on some kind of plinth flanked by two blobby things (dolphins?).  The emperor looks like one of the Military Crisis guys, Philip/Trajan Decius/Trebonianus Gallus.  

The closest I came is this one from Ephesus, showing Artemis-Hecate for Gordian. https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coins/7.1/368.1   Other Artemis renditions usually show her in a shorter skirt.  Most Hecates are three-figured.  Here is the RPC Ephesus Gordian (31 mm) - that's a stag at her feet - similar dress though:




Here is mine - clearly not the Gordian, but as close as I could get.  Mine is smaller at 23 mm and 10.33 grams:  


Here is my crude effort to enhance the reverse - part of the reverse inscription is visible, looking like ...MATKO...or something like that: 



Usually I can blunder my way to an attribution on these, but this one baffles me.  Any help much appreciated!  

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@Kamnaskires and @Ancient Coin Hunter - thank you so much for those swift responses!  

Ambrosia?  I learn something new every day - and that is not a tight, sheath dress - she's naked!  And those are vines, not snakes.  No wonder I was coming up with nothing.  

@Kamnaskires, I think you nailed it.  I'm going to look these over when I'm feeling a little fresher, but I'm pretty sure this is RPC 1965A, Damascus for Volusian, bust seen from front (there is enough of the obverse legend I can see a "V" over the head).  There might even be a die-match here.  The reverse legend visible on mine is METRO, which makes sense (that the legends are in Latin also clarifies the IMP I thought I saw obverse).   Nice work - it is such a nice feeling when these things start to make sense - I couldn't've done it without you.  

Again, thanks to both of you for sleuthing for me.  I appreciate it!  

P.S.  Kevin Butcher wrote a paper on Ambrosia in Damascus - just found it, haven't read it yet:  


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