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Bertolami Invoices?

Gavin Richardson

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I won a coin in a Bertolami E-Auction 245 on December 16 and, to my knowledge, have not received an invoice. I just sent  them a note but am not sure how responsive they are. (An unrelated query a few weeks ago went unacknowledged.)

I understand Bertolami can be a bit slow to get invoices out, especially with European holidays running well into mid-January. But I didn't want to assume too much. Should have I been invoiced by now?

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Bertolami have some new business structures. Sending the coins from the office in Germany - because of the trouble sending from Italian area. So I think they have some start problems.

Write please here - so you get help directly:




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3 minutes ago, Gavin Richardson said:

@Prieure de Sion your personal contact paid off. Ms. Giro sent my invoice this morning and I just paid. Thank you for that. There was no explanation about why I had not received an invoice. Maybe they leave all of the low bids for last, ha ha. But at any rate, it should be taken care of now. Thank you. 

Ah, I'm glad! Very nice. Yes, Ms. Giro is a very nice lady and runs the shop there. I think she has a lot to do, so maybe she doesn't have much time for explanations. But it's good that it worked out. Thank you for your feedback.

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