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India, Indo-Scythians Nahapana (c. 100 AD) AR Drachm


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I liked this coin for it's good detail and odd looking profile of Nahapana.



Obv: Bust of Nahapana Right
Rev: Thunderbolt and Arrow, legend in Brahmi (left) and Kharosthi (right), "Nahapana, King and Satrap"

Nahapana was the third or fourth--and final--king of the first wave of Indo-Scythians to push into the heartland of India. He created a booming economy (as evidenced by a huge outpour of silver coinage) but his legacy came to a screeching halt when he was defeated and killed by the native Satavahana empire.

His entire family was executed and it would be another several decades before the Scythians were able to re-take the lost territory.

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And here is where the story continues.  With all the coins he struck, it was fitting to find that the Satavahana just overstruck their coin on his, essentially, wiping out his history...


Satavahanas: Gautamiputra Satakarni overstruck on Nahapana (c.a. 78–102 CE) AR drachm (Pieper-682)

Obv: Three-arched hill, wavy line below, Brahmi legend around reading (rano gotamiputasa) siri satakanisa, overstruck sihouette of Nahapana's bust
Rev: Satavahana symbol; traces of Nahapana's legend and arround & thunderbolt design




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