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I am tryng to determine the correct decription for a variety of diademed busts of Constantius II from the mint of Rome.

Pearl diademed (right and left)



Laurel and rosette diadem (right and left)



Pearl diadem - band made up of square rosettes which are interspersed with pearls

Am I mis-reading this bust type? Are there others?


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Assuming these are all of Constantius as Augustus, I would concur with your assessment except for the last one which I would classify as rosette-diademed. Volume 8 has Constantius predominantly with pearl-diademed and laurel and rosette diademed, and only a couple of instances of rosette diademed



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All RIC VIII : a) type 3 : pearl - diademed                     : nr 1 head right ;  nr 2 head left

                        type 4 : rosette - diademed                  : nr 3 ( with 3 round rosettes  ) head  right ; nr 4  ( with 3 invert D rosettes ) head left                                       

                        type 5 : laurel and rosette - diademed : nr 5 ( with 3 square rosettes ) head left

I think there are other variants, more shapes and variing number of rosettes and a mixed of those.       

For the campgate coins from Cyzicus, i did an little exercise for the Andreas cross type, for the moment i found 18 different types where RIC VII gives 3 .                                      

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Let me now explain why I was asking the question in the first place. I dabble with various coins in the FEL TEMP REPARATIO series and bought one that I have been trying to get the correct attribution for. My problem was as you can now imagine, with the diadem.

In this case I am dealing with the emperor standing with captives type for the N behind busts FEL TEMP REPARATIO series. These are covered in RIC VIII Rome 186 - 190


These are not very highly represented online. I have not been able to find examples of RIC 186 or 187.

Here is a RIC 188 (not mine), which I believe belongs to Victor Clark @Victor Clark which is ex-Roma who misattributed it as RIC 187


Here is my example of RIC 189


And here is a RIC 190 that belongs to @Randygeki


There is no mention of G4 busts anywhere in this series from Rome, which is what led me to my question regaring the following coin, which I have now added the bust description to:-

Obv:– D N CONSTANTIVS P F AVG, Rosette diademed, draped, cuirassed, globe in hand; N behind bust
Rev:– FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Emperor bare headed & in military dress standing, holding standard with chi-rho on banner in his right hand, resting left hand on shield, two bound captives in Phrygian helmets standing, facing each other before him
Minted in Rome (N | _ //RT). before June A.D. 350
Reference:- RIC VIII Rome 187/188 var (diadem)

Slight shifted double strike evident on the reverse


Thanks for helping with the bust description. I simply couldn't figure out what this diadem was as I am not familiar with the rest of the series.

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2 hours ago, maridvnvm said:

I have not been able to find examples of RIC 186 or 187.

Two specimens of RIC 187 here, but not expert enough to guarantee the attribution is good.




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I think the intention here is a laurel and rosette diadem, but with square vs round "rosettes", and with the same blob form of alternating "laurel leaves" seen on the left facing laurel + rossette bust in you first post.


The development of the diadem starting under Constantine, and continuing here is interesting... RIC misses much of the detail with it's broad categories.

Under Constantine it generally goes from plain band to decorated band/ladder (lots of variety) to laurel+rosette, with the pearl diadem only showing up briefly at Nicomedia and Cyzicus alongside (or as a variety of) decorated band. Post-Constantine the laurel+rosette continues (but in these degenerate/evolving forms), and the pearl diadem makes a comeback.

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