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A Rare Roma

David Atherton

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As a specialist, it is always a great treat to acquire coins missing from the major collections. My latest addition may be a second known specimen(?) ...





Æ Dupondius, 13.08g
Rome mint, 72-73 AD
Obv: IMP CAES VESPASIAN AVG COS IIII; Head of Vespasian, radiate, r.
Rev: ROMA VICTRIX; S C in exergue; Roma std. l. on cuirass, with Victory and spear
RIC 397 (R2). BMC -. BNC -.
Acquired from Moneta Romana, December 2022.

A rare dupondius depicting Roma on the reverse, seated on a cuirass and holding a spear in one hand and Victory in the other. She is dressed in the guise of an Amazon warrior, a typical attribute for her on the coinage during the Flavian era. This scarce variety is missing from both the BM and Paris collections. Only two specimens are cited by RIC: one in Budapest and the other from a 1972 Rauch auction (this coin?).

If anyone has access to the Rauch Auction 11 catalogue please PM or message me! I would like to know if the above coin is the same specimen listed in the catalogue (lot 247), or at the very least a die match.

Again, as always, thank you for looking and happy holidays!

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