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Any opinions on the best Numismatic journals to read?


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Only within the past 5 years or so, I've discovered more scholarly numismatic resources. For one, I subscribed to the American Numismatic Society for a year and bought a copy of their annual journal. What I've read in there so far (the American Journal Of Numismatics, 2020) fascinated me more than most of the things I've read in the mainstream coin press . So I began to seek out other sources. KOINON appeared quickly in my search, but I have not had a chance to look into it, along with the voluminous global volumes on this wiki page: List Of Numismatic Journals. I'd like to explore more of this part of the numismatic world.

Does anyone here follow any particular journals? Any recommendations?

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The British NS and associated journals and posts is/are probably worth a look. 
Its  website leads off saying it is for British coins and medals but it has way more than that.

For example it recently published online  50 plus volumes of Lockett’s collection which covers a huge range of coin interests.

There’s a very substantial online archive of journals you can access for free. More than 100 years’ worth, just not the most recent. Plenty of reading material!



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6 minutes ago, Kamnaskires said:

The Celator had a great run, from 1987 through 2012. Lots of great articles through those years. All available online at https://social.vcoins.com/thecelator/



Do you know if there's any sort of overall subject index available for the contents of the Celator? It appears at your link that one has to separately download each issue in order to see the contents.

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