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UK Rolling Stones commemorative

Roman Collector

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@Roman Collector, especially since you post --brilliantly-- on the 'old coin and old tune' thread, I need to post what's likely to be my all-time favorite Stones tune.  That slide player they had in the early '70's, who went on to smaller and better things, was at the top of his game.  --And, Thank you, just, Thank you, the Horns!!!

Like @panzerman, I'd never want the coin.  But if I still had one copy or other of the LP, on vinyl (collateral damage was involved), that would be kind of cool.  Yes, the racist imagery on the cover was always unsettling, but I liked to think that even there, an acceptable level of irony was involved.



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I have an office two miles from the Royal Mint in Llantrisant Wales and purely by coincidence know some of their people. A good friend of mine, the late Joe Cussen was in charge of the logistics of introducing decimal coins in the 1970's and the relocation of the Royal Mint from London to Wales. Joe told me in the 1980's that the Royal Mint was "missing a trick" as private mints were making commemorative coins for any subject and event they could think of and he felt they could do better. We once laughed over the fact that sooner or later we would see Mickey Mouse on a coin and it was sooner rather than later! The Royal Mint produces coins globally for numerous nations and also has a marketing department producing and selling anything they can make a profit on. I'm all for this in a society heading towards cashless. Someone once told me, "if you can't hold it, you don't own it". The Rolling Stones aren't to my taste other than a few of their numbers, my taste is more David Bowie and I bought the RM's Bowie coin as soon as it was released.

This is the extent that the Royal Mint now goes to in respect of marketing. A coin in space no less!

Below  is an image of the coin I bought. I guess I am too traditional to want a coloured coin.  Not so off topic when you consider the commemoratives issued by the Romans right through to the Constantinian era. In some tenuous way commemorating Rock Stars is similar to commemorating the Secular games, each can relate to generational changes. I was fortunate to see Roxy Music in Concert in October, a hugely underrated band in my opinion. I saw them 50 years ago and doubt if I will have the chance again in my lifetime. If the Royal Mint make a Roxy coin I will probably buy one for the sake of posterity and leave it to my children along with some footage I took of the concert. 





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