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My Three Secret Santas


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Hi everyone,

I hope everybody is ready for a fantastic holiday!  Very well deserved!

This was my first year being able to participate in Secret Saturnalia and, boy, was it a great year to start!

I had fun picking out the coin for my giftee and 🤞 that they’ve received and liked it.

My Secret Santa went way above and beyond for my gift!  I am very grateful for my gift!


I was actually thinking about the Julian bull the other day, funny enough.  I think I saw it posted in the thread about reverses and I thought to myself that would be a neat coin to get……. And now I have one!👍

Who doesn’t love a good campgate?  It’s one of my favourite LRB reverses.  😃  This one is of Constantius II. I’m super excited to add another one my collection.

I really like the big and bulky Byzantine coins and this one doesn’t disappoint!  I can’t wait to research it!

Three fabulous coins that I’m proud to have in my collection!

@ominus1 has been a Santa to me for the past three/four years and it’s always a treat to see what he puts in the stocking/envelope.  Again, I’m very excited to add these to my collection: 88D234D6-6976-42D5-A4C2-A21855F723C4.jpeg.47cb049a65be79e34806b81266615338.jpeg


A Yugoslavian 2 dinara and a large Canadian cent.  🥳🥳 I really like the large cents we had back in the day.  Now we have no cents at all. 🤪

Thanks, @ominus1, you are a boss!

My 3rd Santa is @Qcumbor who sent my a fabulous coin, one of my favourite Byzantines:


I can never have enough of the Byzantine follis with Christ on the obverse.  😀

Thank you again to @ominus1, @Qcumbor and my anonymous Secret Saturnalia gifter.  This year ends on sky high note!  
I can’t wait for Secret Saturnalia next year!

Stay safe, rest well and have fun!





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Thanks everyone!

Sorry for the late reply.  It’s been crazy here, especially at the food bank.

My dad just tested positive for Covid, so, we’re hoping and praying for a full and quick recovery.  He has mild symptoms, so, I hope it stays that way.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!!


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