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Nero's Christmas coin haul


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My family and I decided to reschedule our Christmas to today on account of bad weather, and it turned out so much better.  We picked up food from a neighborhood Chinese restaurant and had kind of a Christmas Story Christmas dinner.

The local coin shop kind of had slim pickings this time around, but I collect 3rd century Sestertii.



I wonder what era the Seaby envelope is from?  1960's?

AE Sestertius. (I don't have a scale).  Tag says RIC 166a.  Aequitas.

Although I put virtually no effort into the picture it came out better than 99% of my coin pictures.  Another bonus!

Although this gift was meant to be far down the totem pole my second favorite gift was a CORDED portable vacuum, suitable for stairs.  These are really hard to find now and I had wanted one for a long time.  The lousy battery powered one has a run time of approximately five minutes.


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1 hour ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

Yes, I neglected to put Philip I in the title :classic_laugh:.

The font has a 1960's flavor to it. I'm guessing between 1960-70?

There's no guarantee that the envelope is original to the coin yet it certainly looks like it was found in that era.  It has the same look as some of dad's old coins.

Sure, but it very likely is.

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I'm still wondering how I managed to achieve fairly clear coin pictures.  The Note 20 Ultra didn't go into scan mode when hovering over the coin envelope, for unknown reasons.

I hand-held the phone this time. I had to resize the for web version.  The original was 108MP.


Perhaps an accidental breakthrough?  We'll see on future coins.

It was very wise to reschedule.   Christmas day - around 20F with likely snow on the ground.

I think my favorite dad post-2000 Christmas coin present was the very sharp Ptolemaic Tet.

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