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Kushan AE ID help, please.


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I received the following as part of my Secret Saturnalia.  I know little about Kushan coins and I'd like a little help, please.


Photo credit: EtTu

It's about the size of an As.   I really should get around to getting a caliper and scale.

My guess is a Huvishka AE Tetradrachm.

It was originally part of this lot:  (ooh, what is the lion coin?)1141733530_CNG190501443lot772mixedBactrian-Kushan.jpg.df6f772ac89848383cb0a3715b1d77e8.jpg



CNG 190501 443, lot 772 mixed Bactrian-Kushan.jpg

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As @Parthicus suggests, the square coin with the lion is attributed to Pushkalavati, c. 185-160 BC, by Mitchiner (ACW 4401ff). Others attribute the type more broadly to Taxila-Pushkalavati, c. 2nd century BC. Taxila was the principal city of Punjab. Pushkalavati was the leading city of Gandhara. The two historic provinces made up (roughly) the northern region of what we know today as Pakistan, separated by the Indus River with Punjab on the east and Gandhara to the west. Below are two examples I owned some years ago:



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