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Hi everyone,

I just joined here this morning and did say hello in an existing general thread. I mentioned there that I run rNumis.com. I have a couple of projects I've been working on for some time...resources that you may find interesting. One is a database of historical numismatic auctions (more ancient focused), often with links to online catalogs. The other is a provenance explorer - currently just for Ancient Greek Italy/Sicily, but that can be expanded. There is still a huge amount of work to be done with both projects, but I think there's enough information and functionality there for people to try it out now. 

Some of you - thanks @dougsmit and @Sulla80 - have already made some good observations and suggestions. Anticipating further conversation, I'm starting this dedicated thread so we can continue.

Finally, thanks to @DonnaML, from whose post elsewhere I learned about this site. 



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Hi Steve!

Some very exciting stuff. Thanks for all the years of work you have put into the site! I would like to take advantage of your Sicily provenance explorer but am not finding it on the site. Could you help or provide a link, please?

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Thank you, Joe! I'm glad you're finding it useful. Any suggestions, please let me know here, any time. 

You're definitely not blind. The rNumis Provenance Databases do cover just Italy/Sicily at present, and I'm nowhere near done with those. While I'm up to 8000+ records (enough where a collector already uncovered some unknown provenances from ~100 years ago), there are many, many more auctions with Italy/Sicily lots still to be processed. 

The project is mostly just me working spare time, though I'm grateful to have had some help recently with image extraction for a few old auctions. Getting even Italy/Sicily close to completion is going to take another 2-3 years if it remains just me. I'd love to extend the concept to other regions, Roman Emperors...anything really, but haven't decided yet on the best way to do that, and I'd almost certainly need help. Still thinking about it all and these conversations and feedback are very helpful.


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