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Secret Saturnalia Thank You Thread


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Just thought I'd start a separate thread now that we're unpacking!

Mine came in a bit of a personal note. A few days ago was my birthday. When my family asked what I wanted, I mentioned that any ancient coin would do. They didn't need to try to find one I wanted - just the thought was enough. Sadly, none took me up on the idea.

So, it was with more than a little excitement that I opened my first Secret Saturnalia and received the below two coins. The letter mentioned some worry since he's not an expert in Greek coins and that's my main area of focus, but I like Roman coins too. These are absolutely amazing coins and I particularly like the Maximianus since I have a thing for large coins. This one is easily the largest Roman coin I own. The Septimius Severus also has my only depiction of Jupiter (though I have many of Zeus).

I was so happy to receive them that I rushed downstairs to photograph them. I'm having surgery in a few hours and then will be out of commission for a while, so I wanted to make sure to thank him properly. I can't be happier with Secret Saturnalia, and I hope my giftee likes his coins (I had the opposite problem - gifting to a Roman expert).


Septimius Severus 199-211 CE
Struck 208 CE
AR Denarius 19mm 3.80g
Obv: SEVERVS PIVS AVG laureate head right
Rev: P M TR P XVI COS III PP Jupiter standing right brandishing thunderbolt and holding sceptre
RIC 501 or 502 RIC IV 216
Ex Wayne G Sayles
Ex Iberico Collection



Heraclea 286-310 CE
Silvered Follis 29mm 9.8g
RIC VI 19b
Ex Iberico Collection

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Io Saturnalia!

After a long day of dance classes, puppy classes, prepping the house for the arrival of mother and mother-in-law, and of course a nap with the youngest 2 tadpoles...We finally opened up our Secret Saturnalia gift! And my, what a gift it was!

There are so many different coins that run the gamut of our interests as well as some things that need to be researched further! Greek, Roman, Provincial, Judean, and world coins! The tadpoles have already started claiming their coins, though I think we may have to figure out some sharing agreements haha. 

We will be busy with this haul for quite some time. Thank you for your kindness @CPK!

Here is an initial picture. I look forward to taking some individual pictures and posting them when I get a chance.




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3 minutes ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

Wow, what a diverse and nice lot!  A Rhodian drachm and an Alexandrian drachm; score! All of the lot are delightful.

Here's the partially upside down didrachm photo of a didrachm that my dad got me a few Christmases (or was it birthdays?)ago.


My daughter has claimed that one! A coin with a pretty flower on it? That's right up her alley haha. It would've only been better if it had a horse on it as well! 😛

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