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A legionary denarius of Mark Antony


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Managed to snag my first legionary denarius at Aquila on biddr a few weeks back. I felt I was lowballing it when placing my bid but seems like there wasn't much interest considering I won! However, not all was well. I noticed when the coin arrived that a small edge chip had occurred. The damage was not on the picture supplied by the auction house so I have to presume that it happened during shipping. Very unfortunate but I think I'll just have to live with it.



Mark Antony. Autumn 32-spring 31 BC. AR Denarius. Legionary issue. Patrae(?) mint. Praetorian galley right, ANT·AVG·III·VIR·R·P·C / Aquila between two signa; LEG XXII. 3.2 g, 17.5 mm. Crawford 544/38.

Before becoming a formal legion, Legio XXII Deiotariana was originally an army raised by the Galatian king Deiotaros. Having become a staunch Roman ally after Pompey's interventions in Asia Minor during the Third Mithridatic war, Deiotaros' force was later incorporated into the Roman army as the Legio XXII Deiotariana. The 22nd would balloon to the size of approximately three legions and remain active in Roman Asia up to the civil war. During which it defended the province from a Pontic invasion led by Pharnaces II. Fighting at the disastrous Battle of Nikopolis, the 22nd would suffer immense casualties and would subsequently be reformed with the strength of just a single legion. The 22nd is later recorded as being present at the decisive Battle of Zela, in which the Pontic forces were utterly defeated with Pharnaces fleeing shortly after.


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Marc Antony Legionary Denarius Patrae??? 32-31 BC Obv War galley right. Rv LEG II Legionary eagle flanked by two standards.  Cr 544.15 CRI 350 3.75 grms 17 mm Photo by W. Hansen544-b.jpg.d679b3b294eb54a3492e6e360765203e.jpg

Like the vid @zadie In response to @kirispupisthere is no absolute guarantee against purchasing a fake but if you buy from a reputable dealer(or auction house) that stands behind their product then the risk is minimized. 

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A good looking coin, congratulations! That edge chip occurring is a mystery though. If it happened during shipping, it would have been packed horribly. Just an assumption, but it seems more likely it was dropped before it went into the package. I once dropped a few coins of mine on our tile floor. It led to small damage to two of the coins, on the edge, similar to your damage (yes, I was very disappointed in myself...).

Still hoping this one is not a fake, although the small bankers mark and scratch make me more confident 🙂


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