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Museum Visit (warning, nudity)


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I recently visited the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, saw some nice coins at the Byblos exhibit (highly recommend that you go if you have the chance).


Sorry for the terrible pictures. Alexander Gold and Silver!



Here is Trajan in the flesh (in the marble?), definitely an imposing sight as it towers over you.


And here he is on some coins at the Roman exhibit, idk why this is the only picture that I took, they had like every emperor:


I also saw my boy Maximianus Herculius.


It is always nice to see a familiar face, here he is on my coin!


And here is Dionysus just having a good time.


Here he is on my coin, looks pretty similar even, don't you think?



Definitely a cool museum that I will be returning to, this was my second visit in fact. This post was kind of just an excuse to show off some cool coins, at the museum and ones that I have, but I also like sharing other things that are tangentially related. Seeing a bust of Trajan on a coin, seeing a picture of his statue on the internet, and then actually having him tower over you are 3 different things entirely.

Have you been to any cool museums lately?

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