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A really dumb question about formatting posts


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It really needs repeating, ...again; on a technical level, everything about this platform is a vast relief, compared to the old one.  Thanks again, @Restitutorfor your time and evident expertise in picking the right one.

...But one thing I wish I was literate enough to figure out is how to change the default mode to a larger font.  For some of us, especially in an inherently recreational context, this really helps.  From home, I'm looking at the screen over more than two feet of desk.  And so far, every time I upload anything, the font changes back to the, from here, frankly squinty 12-point font.

Would anyone be kind enough to help out with this?  I would enjoy the net result enough to also enjoy the attendant embarrassment.

With thanks for anyone's kind attention.  (...And I'm thinking that, just maybe, this belongs in the general discussion.)

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I don't know what equipment you are using but maybe some of this may help.

I use a laptop with a separate large screen which is solely for my coins and forums. I use the settings of Microsoft to enlarge the screen details over the entire computer. Even the smallest default font sizes set by others is easily readable. Of course, not so practical if you use the computer for all general everyday usage.

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What browser are you using?

How are you enlarging the text in the first place?

I use Chrome on Mac.  To enlarge website text I press Command+, a shortcut for "View -> Zoom In".  This should work on all Chrome browsers, although on Windows the shortcut will be Alt+.

To upload, are you dragging files, or clicking "choose files", or something else?  Does the text size change when you start this process, or when this process completes?


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1 hour ago, JeandAcre said:

Many thanks, @expat.  But I probably should have mentioned how primitive my equipment is.  It's an old, dying desktop, still with Windows 7.  I just need to make myself get a replacement ...still dreading that....

I used a Dell desktop with Windows 7 from 2012 until January of this year -- so almost 10 years! -- until it finally died when I couldn't turn the power on anymore and it wasn't worth fixing. Windows 11 didn't take that long to get used to. 

On this website, I adjust the text size simply by clicking on the "size" button on the bar at the top when I'm creating a new post, and increasing it to 16 from the default (which I believe is 12) [notice the difference?]. Otherwise, it shows up as very small to me as well. 

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Many thanks, one and all, for being kind enough to take the time with this.  

Donna, as you would expect, I'm getting Lots of traction with your experience.  For one particular, I really appreciate your reassurances about Windows 11.  ...I know it'll have to happen one day.  But, as Ed Snible implied, I start with 18 font, and after I upload anything in the way of graphics onto the post, the font goes back to the default size 12.  ...Ed, I am using Chrome, and I do some of both uploadingd from files and pasting.  Seems to happen in either case.  ...And this very day, a tech guy at work turned me on to the Windows equivalent, the 'Windows' key and +, to enlarge the whole screen.  But I just tried that right here, and the very first enlargement size is Gigantor, to the point where you lose the ability to see an entire line of the text --even in size 12 font.

Unless someone thinks of something else, to actually change the default size for this machine, I'm happy to just deal with it.  If that's the biggest inconvenience this platform is capable of, it's still a vast improvement on anything comparable that I've ever seen. 

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