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My New RR Quadrigatus - Edge Filing?


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Hi Everyone, 

Today I received a coin that I am very, very excited about - a very nice roman republican quadrigatus. This is a coin I've dreamed of owning, one of my first "bucket list" coins I identified when I started collecting. 

Absolutely thrilled with the coin overall, it's beautiful! 

I did notice, however, that the edges look a bit odd - some sections that are angular with abrasions that really look like filing marks. Anyone have insights here - is this normal/common for quadrigati? The coin is clearly struck (not cast), appears authentic in every other way, and came from a solid auction house (and was last auctioned in 2006 at another reputable auction house), so I'm not terribly worried about authenticity.

But you can't be too careful. anyone have opinions on this - on authenticity or on whether the filed edges are normal/common?

Sorry the photos aren't very good - just doing my best with an older iPhone. 

Quadrigatus Obv.PNG

Quadrigatus Rev.PNG

Quad Edge 1.PNG

Quad Edge 2.PNG

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5 hours ago, kevikens said:

Possibly looped or mounted at one time and adjustments to the edges to make it fit better. Images and the coin itself look good to me.


Thanks, I definitely agree and it has been suggested by 4-5 knowledgeable people I've asked that it was probably mounted previously 

One interesting nugget that was also offered up is that these Quadrigati issues also frequently have remnants of casting sprues on the flans, which would definitely need to be filed off for a jewelry setting. I think I see on my coin exactly where this may have taken place - right by the area where there is a chip/flan flaw on the obverse, about 8 o'clock on the obverse, the filing is most obvious and the flan feels a bit thicker at that point, as if there were a little nub filed down

In any case - I think as long as I can be confident 1) in authenticity, and 2) that the filing marks are only a minor detriment to its value, I'll keep the coin. I think it's a beautiful example otherwise and I got a good deal on it as long as the filing isn't more than a 10-20% hit to value. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, personally 

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Bumping one more time to see if anyone has opinions

The consensus I'm hearing from people I trust is that it's 1) almost definitely authentic, and 2) that the edge filing is a minor, not a major, detractor from value. 

As I mentioned in my last post, if those 2 things are true I'll gladly keep the coin! I think it's beautiful and good value for what I paid, even with the filing, assuming authentic. 

Appreciate any and all input. Thanks

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