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some detective work pays off.


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I am in process of making more detailed labels for my slabbed material. I have found many errors.

Here is one.

1691 Louis d'or described as being from Limoges Mint/ MM=I

My coin is MM=L= Bayonne Mint/ engravers mark is a "palm frond"

So my new label will read:

France/ Bourbon Kings 1590-1793

AV Louis d'or à I'écu 1691-L

Older Laureate Head Right


Crowned Arms/ Réformation


Bayonne Mint  (Palm Frond)

6.69g.      24mm.      916.6      6h



lf - 2022-12-03T100949.422.jpg

lf - 2022-12-03T101010.487.jpg

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