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China: Enormous Hoard of Tang and Song Coins


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Thanks for sharing. When I read the title I thought it was about my collection: :classic_smile:



Obv: Kai Yuan Tong Bao 開元通寶
Rev: blank
Year: later type, 732-907
Material: AE, 2.88g, 25mm
Literature: Hartill 14.8
Identifying features for the late type:
(a) The two middle lines in the bai of Bao are in contact with the vertical lines.
b: The upper stroke of the yuan is long.The middle strokes of the wharf touch the hole.




Ruler: Huizong, 徽宗
Obv: Zheng He Tong Bao, 政和通寶, Seal Script, round Bao.
Rev: the seven stars of the great chariot
Year: time of Huizong or later
Material: Fe, 31mm, 11.02g
Ref.: Zhongguo Guqian Daji, page 605, 2
Charm type coin or charm resembling a coin




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On 12/3/2022 at 3:54 PM, CPK said:

That's incredible! Why would someone have that much wealth stored in the form of base metal coins? Convert it into gold or silver bullion or something - or were those metals very scarce in ancient China?

Yes, I think gold and silver were almost completely unavailable in China in significant quantities, which is why base metals (bronze and even iron) dominated their coin system.

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