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Post your Zecchini


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The Zecchino was used by many sovereign states/ Venice/ Papal States/ Knight's Orders....

These were struck from 1/4 Z to massive 105 Z (Venice)


I will start the ball rolling with one of mine/

AV 10 Zecchini 1787

Papal States/ Bologna

Pope Pius VI

34.98g.      37mm.      .98664e575b873da35d1583d7c0992e406f2.jpg.e69f852b13ddc570a7cfc0ed08691318.jpg






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At ~35g, I think we would call that a Zecchone (big mint)! nice coin, none of those in my collection, but I do have one Venetian in silver and the etymology of the word sequin surprised me - sewing gold zecchini on clothes resulted in..



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Beautiful coins shown above

My only zecchino (sequin in french) is a rare Dombes one imitating those from Venice


Anne Marie Louise d'Orleans (1650-1693), Sequin d'or - Atelier de Trévoux
FRANC PRINC - SM TREVO, Saint Marc à droite remettant un étendard au prince à gauche. Dans le champ DVX
SIT TX ADIVTO - REGIS TE DOMBA, Le Christ bénissant de face, entouré de seize étoiles
3,47 gr
Ref : Divo Dombes # 219, Friedberg # 123, Mantellier -, Poey d'Avant # 5134 (Poey d'Avant attribuait cette monnaie à François II de Bourbon Montpensier)

As it’s undated, and because the obverse legend reads FRANC PRINC, this sequin has for long been attributed to François II de Montpensier, great grand father of Anne Marie Louise on her mother’s side. Stylewise, this sequin is more of the mid 17th century than one century before. Also, the coin obviously copies the venitian sequins that were in use all over Europe at the time. three of the Doges of the period being Francesco Contarini (1623-1624), Francesco Erizzo (1631-1644) and Francesco Molino (1646-1655), it’s likely this sequin could have copied their sequin’s legends to fool people. Don't forget to remember the whole coinage of Dombes copying various emissions of their time, be it Italy with the cavalier d'or, Spain with the Pistole, France with most of their testons, liards double and denier tournois, and finally Venetia with that sequin


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