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Has Anyone Ever Bought From Rzeszowski Dom Aukcyjny?


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Hello all,

I bid on a lot in Rzeszowski Dom Aukcyjny through biddr and it initially showed that I was the underbidder. I just got an email from them saying that I was the winner on the lot.  I assume the high bidder withdrew their bid after the fact for some reason. 

They also indicated that they only take bank transfer for payment which I have never encountered before. The email I received had all the bank transfer details.  The whole process just seems a bit unofficial which has me a little hesitant.

I am just curious if anyone has bought from them before and can provide feedback (ie reliability, payment process, etc.).

Any feedback would be most appreciated.

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I've had several great experiences with RDA. I believe it was him who even sent different types of beautiful rocks with my order as bonus gifts for my sons (if reached out after an auction on something that didn't sell, yadda yadda).

Legit and usually some great prices, depending on who else is watching the auction of course😉

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32 minutes ago, Ryro said:

Nailed it! It was Dr Elkowitz. 

That said, I've still purchased from RDA at least twice and it was smooth sailing. 

You’re the man Ryan! Thank you for the feedback. I feel much better now. Do you mind if I send you a PM to ask about how the payment process went? I have not encountered an auction house that wasn’t willing to accept card.

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I had a bad experience the first and only time I bid at one of their auctions. The summer of 2021, I saw a rare coin of Faustina the Younger come up for auction on biddr – at Rzeszowski Dom Aukcyjny – lot 2502 in the firm's E-Auction 8. I bid aggressively and won!

Faustina Jr CONCORDIA seated denarius ANTONINI inscription Rzeszowski.jpg

The one that got away!

However, I didn't read the auction terms and conditions very well and didn't realize until after I had purchased it that the firm did not take credit cards or PayPal. They did take "bank transfers," however, and I tried Transferwise. It didn't work. I contacted the firm to get various bank addresses and routing numbers and such, and the firm tried hard to accommodate me, and we tried four different Transferwise transactions, all of which failed. I then went to my local bank to do an international wire transfer, but they were unsuccessful as well; the auction firm's bank kept rejecting my attempts. I'm not suggesting the auction firm isn't legit – I'm sure it is – but the US banking system is not equipped to transfer money to Polish banks. I told Rzeszowski Dom Aukcyjny that even my bank was unsuccessful at wiring them the money (sending photos of the bank receipts showing the transactions had been declined) and asked them to make an exception and to take a credit card. They wouldn't accept a credit card under any circumstances. I told them that I was sorry and that I couldn't pay.

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