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Moving Story


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Thought I would tell a fun story from this weekend with coins. Let's see your 'moving' related coins!

Things started so peacefully. We have two sons, and when they were little we'd play board games and take them to fun places. In retrospect, other than a few tantrums, the time was blissful.


Denarius. Lugdunum.
19mm 3.77g
Caius and Lucius Caesar standing facing; two shields, two sceptres; lituus and simpulum above.
RIC² 209
Ex Numismatik Naumann

However, things had become a battle with our oldest son. Combine teenager attitude (he's only 19) with the fact that he runs a very successful business, so he feels he can do whatever he wants, but of course that has resulted in butting heads with us more than a few times.


Kassander, 305-298 BC. AE
Struck under Pleistarchos 301-298 BCE

My wife had been on the lookout for apartments for him, and found one in the perfect location. It's right in downtown close to several of his friends' places and within walking distance of the major park, shopping, and restaurants.


Tarsos. Mazaios, Satrap. Circa 361-334 BC. AR Stater.
Baaltars seated left, holding sceptre surmounted by an eagle in right hand,
left arm at side; grain ear, bunch of grapes to left, monogram under throne
/ Lion attacking bull above double row of turreted walls.
SNG Levante 113; SNG France 360
Ex Fenzl

So, they went to see it and filled out the paperwork. My son was a bit nervous because he owns a sports card business and so it's tricky showing his income (he's only had it for one year), but luckily he qualified! So, he agreed to move in.


Crispina 177-182
AR Denarius 3.93g, 18mm
Bust of Crispina right "CRISPINA AVGVSTA"
Clasped hands "CONCORDIA"
Ex Aegean Numismatics

Next came the lease. It was the first time he'd had to sign one, though he'd handled other legal docs as part of his business. Since we own a lot of rentals, we helped him understand his responsibilities. A lot of this was foreign to him.


Judaea. Jerusalem. John Hyrcanus I
135-104 BCE
Prutah Æ 15 mm, 2,27 g
Ex Tareq Hani collection
Ex Savoca

However, when we got to the apartment to obtain the keys, all was not right. The place was in filthy condition. The previous renters had not cleaned the apartment as they had promised.


Herennia Etruscilla (wife of T. Decius)
AR Antoninianus 4.43g, 20mm, 1h.
Rome, 250 CE
HER ETRVSCILLA AVG, diademed and draped bust to right, set on crescent
PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia seated to left, holding sceptre and drawing veil
RIC IV 59b (Decius); RSC 19
Ex Roma

My wife had a complete meltdown. While my son and I were insisting we should just file the issues with the managing office (and several had already been filed), she was not about to let her first-born move into a dirty apartment. She wanted to halt the move even though we had a delivery truck and everything was packed. While I tried to mediate a solution, I felt like I was trying to take away a baby tiger from its mother.


Theodora (deceased wife of Constantius I)
Treveri, 337-340 CE
BI Nummus 1.61g, 16mm, 6h.
FL MAX THEODORAE AVG, laureate and draped bust to right
PIETAS ROMANA, Pietas standing facing, head to right, holding child; TRS in exergue
Ex Roma

After more than a little stress, shouting, and tears, we got the delivery truck, loaded it up with his things and new furniture from Ikea, and set out.


Seleukos I Nikator
Tetradrachm (Silver, 26 mm, 17.08 g, 8 h)
Susa, circa 296/5-281.
Laureate head of Zeus to right. Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ΣEΛEΥKOΥ Athena, brandishing spear overhead in her right hand and holding shield in her left, standing right in quadriga of elephants moving to right; above to right, spearhead; before elephants, monogram of MΩ. SC 177.2.
Ex Leu Numismatik

Initially, though the city isn't very large, we got lost a bit while we tried to find the loading dock for his building, which is accessible via a small alley. We therefore had to consult a map and there was a bit more arguing and screaming.


Persia, Achaemenid Empire, temp. Artaxerxes III to Darios III
c. 350-333 BCE
AE 11mm, 2.39g
Uncertain mint in western Asia Minor (Ionia or Sardes?). Persian king, wearing kidaris and kandys, in kneeling-running stance r., holding spear in r. hand, bow in l.; c/m: eight-rayed star within incuse circle. R/ Incuse rectangle, containing pattern possibly depicting relief map of the hinterland of Ephesos.
Johnston, Earliest, Æ 4; Mildenberg, Münzwesen pp. 25-26 and pl. XIII, 112; BMC (Ionia) p. 34, 7.
Ex London Ancient Coins

Finally, we parked the truck and started taking things up to his place. When our relatives found out that he was moving, they spearheaded straight for his place to "help". Unfortunately, they mostly sat around and chatted while my mother-in-law placed dry leaves over the door and did a number of rituals that usually involved standing right in front of the door as we're trying to bring heavy furniture through that same door. Of course, their major concerns were why the apartment was so dirty and insisting that I come and look at something while I'm trying to fit two large Ikea pieces together.


Phoenicia. Tyre. ‘Uzzimilk
RY 10 = 340/39 BCE
Shekel Silver, 20 mm, 8.21 g, 12 h
Deity, holding reins in his right hand and bow in his left, riding hippocamp to right above two lines of waves; below, dolphin right.
Rev. Owl standing right, head facing; crook and flail in background; to right, date and ' (in Phoenician).
DCA 918. E&E-T 1146-8. HGC 10, 349
Ex collection of Dr. A. Drakul.
Ex Leu

And speaking of all that Ikea furniture, he bought a lot of furniture there: a bed with storage, headboard, long TV stand, coffee table, table with four chairs, three bar stools, a corner desk, desk chair, and couch (yes, even Ikea couches must be assembled). Since my wife recently had knee surgery and the family mostly got in the way, my son and I built everything ourselves. There was a fair amount of cursing when we realized we used the wrong screws or put something on backwards and my fingers still ache as I type this.


Kings of Macedon. Miletos. Alexander III "the Great"
Bronze AE 17 mm, 5,71 g
Minted 323-319 BCE under Asandros
Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin / ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, bow-in-bowcase and club; grain ear below.
Price 2102

There was a bit more drama later when my son and wife got into a yelling match over text with the previous tenants, who had left many things broken, about which they claimed no knowledge. Then, they tried to push him to pay their security deposit back, which of course infuriated my wife because she's sent tenants to collections for leaving it half as bad as they did, and she knew very well that my son's contract is with the leasing office, not the previous tenant.


Kings of Paeonia, Patraos
AR Tetradrachm 12.46g, 24mm, 1h.
Uncertain Paeonian mint (Astibus or Damastion?) circa 335-315 BCE
Laureate head of Apollo to right / Warrior on horse rearing to right, spearing enemy who defends himself with raised shield; bukranion to left, ΠATPAOY (retrograde) around.
Paeonian Hoard I, 227 (same dies).
Ex Roma

But finally, he's settled in to his place. There's still some things to build, but everyone's happy and this weekend he'll host the family for his first Shabbat!


Seleukid Empire, Antiochos I Soter AR Tetradrachm
Seleukeia on the Tigris, 281-261 BC
Diademed head to right / Apollo Delphios seated to left on omphalos, testing arrow and resting left hand on grounded bow; ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ to right, ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ to left, monogram to outer left and right.
SC 379.5a; HGC 9, 128g. 16.80g, 29mm, 3h.
Acquired from Numismatik Naumann


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Wonderful story. I recently moved from the SF Bay Area to Washington state, realizing a large profit on the sale of the home. Moving in day was quite remarkable though as the movers' truck got stuck on the driveway and they had to call a big rig tow truck with a winch to get the truck to budge. And there were various other adventures moving into a three story house without an elevator and lots of heavy furniture!!! Second photo is of the sun through the fog on that afternoon. All in all I was victorious in the effort...







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14 minutes ago, Ancient Coin Hunter said:

Wonderful story. I recently moved from the SF Bay Area to Washington state, realizing a large profit on the sale of the home. Moving in day was quite remarkable though as the movers' truck got stuck on the driveway and they had to call a big rig tow truck with a winch to get the truck to budge. And there were various other adventures moving into a three story house without an elevator and lots of heavy furniture!!! Second photo is of the sun through the fog on that afternoon. All in all I was victorious in the effort...

Small world. 🙂 We live in WA state as well, in Bellevue. My son's move was to downtown Bellevue.

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