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Traianus with unknown animal on back


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while cataloging my Traianus coins I came across the following piece.


It is a Dupondius with Abundatia seated on a chair, consisting of 2 cornuacopiae, holding a scepter.

Next to her side is the head and neck of an animal, I suspect either: a donkey, a horse or a dog's head.

Has anyone seen this before? RIC and Cohen make no mention of this.

Thank you.


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@John Conduitt

You are right, it is the tip of the cornucopia. The head and immediate surroundings show no signs of wear and are clearly visible. 
probably the die cutter added decoration?



I had also seen this one, but not very visible due to the presence of some other objects around it. 
Perhaps there are other decorations to be found at the ends of this type reverse?


@Roman Collector

hopefully traianus never saw this picture, or heads must have rolled

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