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A Qataban owl with two monograms


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I just photographed this coin today, although it has been in the collection for several years.  Such is the backlog.  I know that I need to be more proactive taking snaps, and I'll try.

This owl is interesting because of the two monograms: the Qatabanian royal monogram on the reverse, to the right of the owl, which does appear on other owls of this type.  On the obverse, specifically on the neck guard, is another monogram, which I have not been able identify.  I assume that it must be comprised of a combination of Qatabanian characters, possibly a "g", with another character above it.

The South Arabian alphabet is thought to have developed from the  Proto-Sinaitic alphabet in about the 9th century BC.… | Alphabet writing,  Alphabet, Ancient writing

Here's the coin.  There are some corrosion spots, but the overall condition is pretty nice for this crude type.

Arabia, Qataban, tetradrachm, circa 350-300 BC.

Van Alfen, Studies, Type QI.C, unlisted variety (monogram on obverse); CAF 1.Oa4 variety (same); Huth -; HGC 10. 707.

16.42 grams



Any thoughts?  Thanks!


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