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Gold coinage from Samudra Pasai


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I was able to win 10 AV 1/4 Mas (Koupangs) from Heritage Auctions/ Europe) former MPO Auctions. The coins were from also from Sultanate of Atjeh.


Here is first one.

AV 1/4 Mas ND

Ahmad I 1270-95

Sultan of Samudra-Pasai

AV 1/4 Mas ND

Malik as-Saleh 1290-97

Sultan of Samudra-Pasai

AV 1/4 Mas ND

Mansur 1326-33

Sultan of Samudra-Pasai



93c66516ba2c92e0914900359e139162 (1).jpg

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There are many different rulers.


Sumatra, Aceh, 0.60g, 1/4 mas dinar, 12mm
Sultan Aladdin Mansur Shah, 1579-1586
Obv: Ala ad Din ibn Ahmad
Rev: Al Sultan Al Adil
Ref: Netherlands East Indies / Atjeh / Km1?; Zeno 21842

This mas dinar is attributed to Sultan Aladdin Mansur Shah (1579-1586AD), a prince from Sultan Ahmad of Perak (Malaysia)

Sultan Hussein (alias Ali Riayat Shah) of Aceh invaded Perak in year 1573. All the royal family of Perak was brought to Aceh and Perak became a regent to the Aceh Sultanate. After the death of Sultan Hussein, he left no prince to succeed over the kingdom causing a power struggle. Prince Mansur of Perak was then chosen in 1579 to take over in Aceh as Sultan Aladdin Mansur Shah. However he was not popular to the local Aceh due to being a foreigner, and was killed in 1586 on his way to Perak to install his brother as the sultan of Perak.

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