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late roman coins


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Since years, I don't no more collect late Roman coins, but if there is a nice coin, not expensive and special, I buy it. So, I bought this coin from Theodosius I.

I'll show first the normal version on a coin from Gratianus


AE 23, Gratianus, 367-383

DN GRATIA / NUS P F AUG : pearl diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right

REPARATIO / REIPUB, in exergue : BSISC ; Gratianus standing left, raising a kneeling female wearing  a turreted crown, holding Victory on a globe

23 mm, 5,25 gr, 6 h

RICIX,26a2, mint Siscia, officina secunda.

and the Theodosian Coin :


AE 23, Theodoius I 379-395



23 mm, 5.4 gr, 12h

RICIX,26c1, Siscia officina prima

I think the engraver of this die tried to give a kind of three dimensional feeling to the scene by placing Tyche's leg outside the scene's border. Doing this he created a feeling wich is unusual for this coinage.

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nice coin from the same mint, but on my coin see the left feet and also the whole position of the woman with the head upwards to good looking the emperor. She is waiting for a present, not bidding in my opinion. I am wondering that in the same mint, there are different ways of expression of the same picture. Here for me it is not only a manner of representation, but more a manner of interpretation of an image, choosed by Rome and interpreted by a local craftsman

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