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Medieval(?) Mystery Coin


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Good Evening All,

To start off, I am not even 100% sure this coin is medieval....now with THAT out of the way...I saw this coin the other day being sold as an unidentified Byzantine coin and really liked the cross with the pellets and the whatever you want to call them coming from the center. The other side was interesting as well. Not something I've ever seen. I thought maybe it was something from the Latin rule of Byzantium or something else. Maybe medieval or some sort of Arab imitation? I'm not sure. Since winning the auction, I have been scouring the interwebs trying to find a match but have had no luck.  Can those of you with much bigger brains than me please help me out? I am really intrigued as to what the non-cross side is supposed to be. Thanks in advance!

Coin in question is 20.32mm and 1.26g.


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11 minutes ago, Kamnaskires said:

Dang! you are amazing! 
My hat's off to you, good sir!

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Bulgarian Kingdom. Ivan Shishman, AD 1371-1395. AR Half-Grosh (15mm,  0.59g, 6h). Tarnovo mint. Obv: M - Θ in field; Half bust of the Virgin orans, with figure of nimbate infant Christ to her breast, raising both hands. Rev: Half figure of emperor, holding cross-tipped sceptre; symbols around. Ref: Dochev 4440. 


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