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2 additions to RPC: Commodus and take a guess/ Share coins you've listed in RPC!


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Here are 2 beauties that just arrived Wednesday from Savoca. I simply do not understand how Savoca got a shipment from Germany to a teeny tiny town in Colorado, when I even accidently paid the evening, Sunday and recieved Wednesday MORNING!?

Who is doing their delivery?595732730_giphy(2).gif.6ab7680a4cf3893b44c2c9a4144e0512.gif(LOVE that he's wearing a RUSH shirt)

The first coin RPC lists only one and mine is considerably better, young Commodus (he looks so sweet and innocent) with Macedonian shield Reverse. They already added it the day after submitting! https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coins/4/4294

I already have one of these of Commodus as Augustus, but one as Caesar and this so rare that RPC had only a single other coin listed I had to go for it! Absolutely bizarrely, I won at opening bid, 10€!?!?


 Volume: IV.1 №: 4294 (temporary)

Reign: Marcus Aurelius Persons: Commodus (Caesar)

City: Koinon of Macedonia Region: Macedonia Province: Macedonia

Denomination: Æ Average weight: 5.63 g. Issue: 175-177

Obverse: [ΚΟΜΟΔΟϹ?] ΚΑΙϹΑΡ; bare-headed bust of Commodus (youthful) wearing cuirass and paludamentum, r.

Reverse: ΚοΙΝοΝ ΜΑΚƐΔοΝⲰΝ (facing inward); Macedonian shield

Reference: AMNG 287 Specimens: 2


Though, the second took a bit more chasing, it appears to be totally unique as none of the other examples have Makedon on both sides nor the adorable tiny shield. Not in RPC, AC search, Wild winds, nor the most comprehensive MSC collection that I've come across... my own😊


Macedon. Koinon of Macedon. Pseudo-autonomous issue AD 1-100.

Bronze Æ, 18 mm, 3,95 g, very fine

They simply don't have one, nor did I! 

https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/search/browse?q=Macedonian shield&page=1



Does anyone have any types that they've submitted, rare or not, best in class or just one more to help study, a type that you need to submit, MSCs or anything that makes you happy. 😉 

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It was a good auction and I also got 3 coins that were on top of the wish list for me - and for decent prices. Plus some other snacks, for example a Plautilla denarius, not the best out there but certainly not a slug, for 22 euros + taxes.

Savoca are probably the fastest house when it comes to shipping. But as Seth77 advised, FedEx in the EU is not bad, it's terrible. And to make it worse, they keep mocking us with a scheduled delivery day set (by them) 2 days after pickup. And they are doing this for months.

A few months ago they had a "scheduled delivery date" 3 days after pickup. The packages arrived after 4 days. Reasonable.  Now they "improved" their services - the scheduled delivery day is 2 days after pickup, but the packages arrive after 7-14 days! To be honest I am not happy that Savoca are not taking any actions - last time I told them this is not OK they assured me the problems have been solved.



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Same here. I got 2 cool provincials and a Tetartemorion from Tegea and it was three days from Munich Germany to my front door! 

I have a few in RPC especially since they have been scaning online auctions for new coins.  Like this common Domitia from Nacrasa, I went to check RPC and it is the main image accredited to the auction house I had just purchased from. 



Then there are some rare enough that they have to use my crappy pics.




This one has not been submitted yet but they link to a FORVM page where I was trying to identify it.




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Way cool, @Ryro! You've contributed to the body of Roman Provincial literature! WTG!

I had a similar experience, as you know. This one may not look like much but it's the only known example. I submitted it to RPC and it too is now the "plate coin" at RPC:

Faustina II, AD 147-175.
Roman provincial Æ 5.84 g, 22.0 mm, 7 h.
Bithynia-Pontus, Apamea.
Obv: FAUST[INAC AUG], draped bust of Faustina II, right.
Rev: UЄNU[S ... C]ICA dd, Venus seated right, head left, on dolphin swimming left, resting right arm on dolphin, uncertain object in left hand.
Refs: RPC IV.1, 11815 (temporary); Waddington RG --; BMC --; Sear --; Mionnet Suppl 5 --; Lindgren --; Wiczay --.
Notes: Previously unpublished. Obverse die match to Waddington RG, pl. XXXIX.1, which has a Neptune reverse type.

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