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2 new additions, very different but in the same area of my collection


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... and the area is "animals". One of the things that always makes me want to buy a coin is the presence of an animal on it. If it's exotic, rarely found on coins and realistically engraved - well, this is what makes me want it more!
Today I had the chance to buy 2 coins that were on my wish list for a long time and I am very happy for managing to get them both. Both have animals that were not in my collection.

First, a very popular type - the Mylasa hemiobol with lion and scorpion!


Caria. Mylasa circa 450-400 BC. Hemiobol AR. 8 mm, 0,52 g

Obv. Facing forepart of Lion. Rev. Scorpion within incuse square. SNG Aulock 7803; Klein KM 429 (Milet).

A type I kept chasing for more than a year. Not rare, by any means, but every time I bid on one, it was either too good and therefore expensive, or too worn. This is an excellent compromise - even if the lion on the obverse is not the best example in the world, I am very happy with the reverse.

The second is a type I like even more (and this is why I created the topic in the Imperial section) - one of the coins I saw being presented by Flavian specialists, and I consider it a great coin.



17 mm, 2,14 g

Domitian, 81-96. Quadrans. Rome, 84-85. Rhinoceros walking left. Rev. IMP DOMIT AVG GERM around large S C. BMC 498. Cohen 674.  RIC II, Part 1 (second edition) Domitian 251; RIC II 435


I rarely see them in auctions, and when I do, usually the prices are out of my league. I particularly liked that the rhinoceros kept the features that allow it to be recognized properly (although I would have liked even more an example with the body better preserved) but anyway, I think this is above average for the type.


Please show your new animals from your collection!

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Very nice pick ups!

I don't have a Mylasa that old, but I do have this one from Eupolemos.


AE 19 mm, 4.15 g, 12 h
Three overlapping Macedonian shields with spearheads in the center. Rev. ΕΥΠΟ / ΛΕΜΟΥ Sword in a sheath with strap; in left field, monogram.
HN online 243. SNG Keckman 223-4. SNG von Aulock 2378


Here's my rhino.


Domitian, Quadrans/Rhinoceros
16.92mm, 1.75g 84-85 CE
Obverse: Rhinoceros walking left
Reverse: IMP DOMIT AVG GERM around S C
RIC II 435; RIC II² 250 Rome
Ex Marc Breitsprecher

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@kirispupis- Eupolemos type is something I see for the first time - very nice design. As you correctly stated, the rhino quadrans is RIC II 2nd edition 250 - mine is 251, the difference being where the legend starts (7 o clock your coin, 1 o clock mine). The 1st edition RIC and Sear do not consider these different coins. I read about this last evening - I am always glad when I find out this kind of details.

@LONGINUS- as always, great presentation, elegant and fun to check. I love the way you present your collection (and perhaps sometimes I will do the same). What I like the most is that I am sure you can show your presentations to people who are not collectors and they will not yawn. From the coins you shared, I like the Vespasian denarius with the sow (actually - a Titus denarius with a similar design made me start my journey with ancient coins) and the Divus Valerian II. I also got a Consecratio issue from him - mine is a "CONSACRATIO" with an eagle


If other members would like to share their animals on coins, especially the ones that are uncommon, please do.


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Cool scorpion, @ambr0zie!! What a fun coin! Scorpiones regnant in aeternum!

Sadly, the scorpion on this one was flattened during the application of the countermark to the obverse.

Julia Iotape, Queen of Commagene AD 38 - 72
AE diassarion, 23.4 mm, 13.64 g, 12 h
Syria, Commagene, Samosata mint
Obv: ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΑ ΙΩΤΑΠΗ ΦΙΛΑ∆ΕΛΦΟΣ, diademed and draped bust of Iotape, right; countermark: anchor?
Rev: ΚΟΜΜΑΓ−ΗИΩИ, scorpion and inscription all within laurel wreath
Refs: Lindgren-Kovacs 1887; RPC I 3858; BMC Galatia p. 109, 4; Nercessian AC --; SNG Cop VII 5; similar to Sear GIC 5514 (which has lunate sigmas in the inscription).
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