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The Devil went down to Georgia\Coins that have the devil on them


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I hope this doesn't upset anyone, but, uhh, there's this "similarity" between beezlebub and facing Roma!?



Designs are sure to repeat amongst cultures... when it comes to Satan sheets🤪





Sure seems to be one real horny SOB... wait a second. Who is Satan's mom anyways???

Maybe the greatest Hollywood horned satanic beasts:


and plenty of different horned types from antiquity:




I feel like I'm missing more great satanic looking examples. Can you help me??



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What a fun and entertaining multi-media thread, @Ryro!!

Speaking of weirdos with horns on their heads ...

Elagabalus, AD 218-222.
Roman AR Denarius, 2.80 g, 18.3 mm, 6 h.
Rome mint, AD 221-222.
Obv: IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, laureate and draped bust right, with horn on top of his head, signifying divine power.
REV: SACERD DEI SOLIS ELAGAB, Elagabalus, in priestly robes, standing right, sacrificing over altar and holding cypress branch, star in field, right.
Refs: RIC 131; BMCRE 225-226; Cohen 246; RCV 7542; Thirion 302.
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How about this guy wearing a horned bulls head ....


Hephthalites. Nezak Huns.. AR drachm. "Napki Malka" series. .
Circa 515.680 A.D.
Obverse..Bust right wearing winged-bull head-dress. Pahlavi legends nycky MLK-A
Reverse:Fire altar with attendants, Solar wheels above.
3.41 grams....24.64 mm.
Vondrovec [Göbl] 198

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As Lucifer he is also the Lightbringer, a positive figure. Obviously a strenuous job, which is why in Diana must also support him.

Amd of course Domna looks devilish.


Julia Domna
AR-Denar, Rome Mint, AD 211-217
Obv.: IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG, draped bust right, hair in horizontal ridges, bun at the back, looped plait from ear around back of neck
Rev.: DIANA LVCIFERA (light bringing Diana), Diana Lucifera standing facing, head left, holding flaming long torch transverse left with both hands
Ag, 3.175g, 18.7mm, 0°
Ref.: RIC IV 373a; RSC III 32; BMCRE V p. 430, C1



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How about this horned river god?


Aeolis, Tisna
4th century BCE
Æ 17mm, 4.13g, 6h
Head of river god Tisnaios l. R/ One-handled cup.
SNG Copenhagen 283; SNG München 641
Ex London Ancient Coins

Or there's Triptolemos with his snake-driven throne (except I couldn't afford a copy with a nice pig + Triptolemos + snakes)


Attica, Eleusinian festival
350-300 BCE
15.97mm 3.37g
Obverse: Triptolemos in winged car drawn by serpents left
Reverse: Eleusi, pig standing right on mystic staff, bucranium below
SNG Copenhagen 315
Ex Glenn Woods
Ex Marc Breitsprecher


Then of course there's this one.


Mysia. Pitane
circa 350-300 BCE
Bronze 9 mm, 0,68 g
Ex Savoca

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