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Gordianus AE Bronze - is this a die break?

Prieure de Sion

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Yes, it is due to breaking of the dies. The term for the abnormal lump on the coin resulting from a die break is a cud. This irregularly-shaped, raised thing behind Pietas's head is a cud, too.

Trebonianus Gallus PIETAS AVGG antoninianus.jpg
Trebonianus Gallus, AD 251-253.
Roman AR Antoninianus, 3.69 g, 20.2 mm, 7 h.
Uncertain mint, AD 252-253.
Obv: IMP C C VIB TREB GALLVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
Rev: PIETAS AVGG, Pietas standing left and raising both hands; altar at feet.
Refs: RIC 72; Cohen 88; RCV 9643; ERIC II 41.
Edited by Roman Collector
Clarification and posting a photo of another example
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1 minute ago, Roman Collector said:

No. It's very interesting because of this. I think so, anyway.

there are collectors out there that collect nothing but die breaks, cuds, errors, misprints, damaged, etc. to them, every coin is unique. me, i like the worn coins because it shows they were well used and after 1500+ years they have survived and that shows a lot of history. 





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