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Just for FUN: what’s special with this coin ???

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Helmeted, cuirasssed with High crested, long crest, 3 turreted open doors reverse. RIC 190 with unlisted officina? Or more accurately unlisted somewhere arounf RIC 190. All other examples of RIC 190 seem to be High Crested with 4 turrets. The other long crested examples I can find with this description have 4 turrets....

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Congratulations Ben and Martin. It took you 5 minutes to revealed the secret ! Yes it’s a modern forgery (and for sale as it). My question: the last time I bought a campgate 10 years ago, they were about the most common and cheapest coin type to acquire. So why taking energy and time to create those counterfeits for almost nothing ???

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So this particular specimen appears cast, and I originally thought this reverse type as a whole was fake, but here are a few more that make me wonder...

Same as above



Same reverse, different bust type


Different officina




None of these are mine. Crispus one is GB's - hpoe he doesn't mind me using it to illustrate these varieties.



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14 minutes ago, Ancient Coin Hunter said:

So are the open door types always fakes?

No - there are genuine open door types both from Arles (multiple issues) and Rome (P-R series) with 4 turrets.

Rome issued four varieties of campgates in the P-R series, not counting this "three turrets, open doors" one:

1) three turrets, closed doors

2) three turrets, no doors

3) four turrets, no doors

4) four turrets, open doors

These "three turrets, open doors" ones are certainly irregular/transitional at best, but given the number of die combinations I tend to think they (as a type) are at least ancient. Complicating matters is the fact that cast copies such as the one @Ocatarinetabellatchitchixposted also exist.


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