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Advertisement features Roman coins!


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A new TV ad from from the investment firm Merrill features ancient Roman coinage!  I've seen it many times while watching soccer. It is set in a museum display of ancient coins and the speaker says about a man on his phone,

"Do you think he's posting about all that ancient Roman coinage? No. He's seizing the moment-- with Merrill. Moving his investment money to his Merrill account in real time.  And that's how you collect coins!" 

Here is a link to the 15-second spot:


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3 hours ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

Yes, I happened to see that one.  It's been mentioned here recently.

Yes. Here is the previous thread, about this, which was started on October 5. I posted in the previous thread.

I thought it was interesting, that an advertisement would show "ancient Roman coinage". Watching the video again, I thought a few things are funny.

1. Her facial expressions and head movements, when she says "You think he's posting about all that ancient Roman coinage?". It seems like, she's acting like, anyone who would post about ancient Roman coinage, is a loser.

2. Her smug expression, and little hand gesture, when she says "And that's how you collect coins". Then, it looks like, she mouths the word "Boom".

3. It looks like she works at the museum, because of her jacket, which has a name tag, and flair buttons. Yet, she still mocks the ancient coins.

Oh well. At least, they mention ancient Roman coins. I'll take it.


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