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Help with a provenance ticket, please

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I hope that Forum members can help, as they have done in the past!

I am stuck trying to find more about the provenance for a 20 asses coin I purchased in Roma’s recent auction. While Roma wouldn’t tell me anything about provenance beyond their listing, they included this slip of paper


Can anyone identify the seller from this tag? I’ve tried the usual search engines without success.

I was able to find that this coin was previously sold by Artemide. Forum members might be interested to observe the change in the coin between the Artemide and Roma sales.



Above is from Artemide Aste auction 57 lot 5, 29 Apr 22



Above is from Roma auction 25  lot 23, 06 Sep 22

Roma listed the coin as:  Etruria, Populonia AR 20 Asses. 3rd Century BC. Facing head of Metus, hair bound with diadem; X:X (mark of value) below / \'poplv\' in Etruscan script. EC I, 37 (O1/R1); HN Italy 142; HGC 1, 103. 8.63g, 22mm. From the Paulo Leitão Collection.

(Again thanks to @Phil Davis for identifying Paulo Leitão as “a serious high-end collector and sometimes dealer “ in my earlier thread.)

So any further information about the ticket shown above will be welcome.

Thanks for your consideration.


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