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(Thread: Siglos) Newly acquired siglos from aegean numismatics!


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Hello everyone! Yesterday i saw that aegean numismatics had listed lots of new stuff. and while scrolling through - i happen to find a very cheap Type IIIb Siglos within a very friendly budget range, 



Achaemined Kingdom, 475-420 BC, Silver Siglos - 5.26g, 14mm
King in a running / kneeling stance right, holding a bow and spear.
Incuse punch
Carradice Type IIIb

Paid 35$ (Roughly 41.48$ in total)

I find that it will fit nicely into the small hoard of of sigloii i am trying to build!

Here are my other two current siglos



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Congratulations for your new acquisition!
I also wanted one example - although I stick to Roman coins, mainly, I wanted a Persian coin (also a Parthian one and a Cappadocian Kingdom one). This was excellent.


PERSIA, Achaemenid Empire. temp. Darios I to Xerxes II (ca 485-420 BC) AR Siglos, Sardes mint.
Persian king or hero, wearing kidaris and kandys , quiver over shoulder, in kneeling-running stance right, holding spear and bow
Rev: Incuse punch.
Carradice Type IIIb, Group A/B (pl. XII, 17); Meadows, Administration 322; BMC Arabia pl. XXV, 17; Sunrise 25
5,44 g, 17 mm

Not the best example in the world, but not bad. And the price (20 EUR including fees) is pretty difficult to beat.

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Very nice! Aegean is one of my favorite sellers, though too often the coin I want is sold before I have a chance!

Here's my siglos.


Achaemenid Kings of Persia
AR-Siglos 5.6 gm, 15mm
Sardis. c. 375-340 BCE
Obv: King r., dagger and bow. Rev: Incuse rectangle
Carradice Type IV C (pl.14, 49); BMC Arabia pl. 27, 19
Ex Akropolis Coins (PeteB)

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Persian Empire Ar siglos  Sardies 485-429 BC Obv Great King in a running kneeling pose right holding bow and spear. Rv Punch  Carradice 111B 5.34 grms 15 mm Photo by W. Hansen


This was one of the first "Greek" coins I had purchased. It was in a CNG CNR and though it does have a poorly struck bow, the rest was so sharp that i could not resist. 

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Nice coin @KyNumis. I am very fond of my example and I was also very happy to have finally picked up the Carradice reference earlier this year.


Achaemenid Empire
Xerxes II to Artaxerxes II,
AR Siglos, Mint in Asia Minor, struck ca. 420-375 BC
Wt.: 5.4 g
Dia.: 16 mm
Obv.: Persian king / hero wearing kidaris and quiver, kneeling-running right holding spear and bow
Rev.: Incuse punch
Ref.: Carradice Type IIIb C
Ex JAZ Numismatics (Private Auction 84, lot 2, April 20, 2017)

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My best siglos is actually a fourrée:


Artaxerxes II – Darius III, "Achaemenid Empire" (probably Lydian regional issue), fourrée siglos, ca. 375–336 BC. Obv: Great King kneeling left, holding dagger and bow, three pellets on chest. Rev: irregular punch. 14.4mm, 4.92g. Ref: Carradice 1987, type IV C (prototype).


These two aren't plated but show a lot more wear and punch marks:


Xerxes I – Artaxerxes II, "Achaemenid Empire" (probably Lydian regional issue), AR siglos, ca. 485–375 BC. Obv: Great King kneeling left, holding transverse spear and bow, numerous banker's marks. Rev: irregular punch. 15mm, 5.43g. Ref: Carradice 1987, type III B.



Darius II – Artaxerxes II, "Achaemenid Empire" (probably Lydian regional issue), AR siglos, ca. 420–375 BC. Obv: Great King kneeling r., holding dagger and bow. Rev: oblong punch, test punches. 19mm, 5.22g. Ref: Carradice 1987, type IV B.

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