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Super excited to get this in the mail.


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I just purchased this Aes formatum and am super excited to be able to see it in hand.

I have some different types of proto money, this one reminded me of the chunky monkey one that @Ryro had posted about before and I knew right then I wanted one. This one weighs in at 52.72 grams so it is not quite as big as Ryro's example, but having the letters on it gave it some extra cool factor. I think the letters might be Iberian and possibly added to it in ancient times after it made its way to Spain, cant wait to hold it !!!



Roman Republic Aes Formatum Proto Money.

Precurser to the Aes Grave

Central Italy 6th-4th century B.C. 52.72 grams





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7 hours ago, antwerpen2306 said:

I don t think it is Iberian script. It is an Aes formatum, wich was only used locally. For international commerce, Greek coins were used.

These as I understand were minted in central Italy and are Roman not Greek, they were circulated all over Spain so this one that was found in Spain gives it a good chance of having an Iberian inscription being added to it in ancient times in Spain. It might not be an Iberian inscription but sure does look like one. Also to note it is almost unheard of to find any Greek coinage in Spain.

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