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New Video! Unboxing a Lot of Roman Coins


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I dont generally buy coins in lots, but this one had some pretty interesting pieces that were missing from my late roman coinage set. So I decided to film the unboxing and the initial identification of the coins in question.

Have you purchased any group lots recently? Maybe you have found a coin you really like in a lot? Let us know!
Hope you enjoy the video 🙂


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Those are a lot nicer than the baggies I recently bought.

I recently sampled most of dirtyoldcoins' various offerings.  Some were pretty delightful, others not worth the trouble.  But I guess I now know what categories to get!

Gosh, before that, it must have been Dr. Fishman, c. 2009. Those were cool; his $25 large folles were delightful!

My favorite bulk lots of all time, purchased from Matt Kreuzer, c. 1998-9, were bulk bags of 1st-2nd (mostly 2nd) c. Asses/dupondii, commensurately sized provincials, and some small trachea, all for $1.50 each.  As expected, they weren't magnificent, but they were quite nice for the price, most being a solid VG or F, the provincials having some patina left. Sadly, the As bag was misplaced in a move, although it's hiding somewhere. I had removed the better ones, however. I hid the bag too well while transferring things. It's been an enduring mystery.  I've looked pretty much everywhere.


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Two of the last three large lots I bought were to obtain the same coin that was included in the lot and not respected as worthy of separate listing by the seller.  I have posted them several times.  Cohen listed the BnF specimen and the British Museum has two (as do I).  Others? 


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@Leo an enjoyable video and NF thread.  I bought an interesting large lot a few years ago of 12 persian sigloi ex "van der Dussen" although they were unremarkable from a condition perspective, they included some interesting fourree coins and countermarks .



all came with interesting holders indicating that they are ex Collection A.G van der Dussen


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