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Won my first Victoriatus!

Michael Stolt

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Won this gorgeous Victoriatus at CNG 121 today after a tip from @red_spork

Funny enough, even though I have collected Roman Republican for several years, this is the first Victoriatus I add to the collection.

It was misattributed in the auction as an RRC 53/1, but is in fact an RRC 83/1b - the rare unsigned variation of the scarce spearhead series.

It is in very good quality for the type, very happy with it.




Roman Republic. 211-210 BC. AR Victoriatus (19mm, 9h). Minted in South-East Italy.

Obverse: Laureate head of Jupiter right.

Reverse: Victory standing right, crowning trophy with wreath; RoMA in exergue.

Reference: Crawford 83/1b.

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To @Michael Stolt Great coin I love the Victoriatus, it is a fun coin. It has a bit of mystery which makes it a bit of a puzzle one that may in time be solved.

Ar Victoriatus "VB" Unknown mint 211-208 BC Obv. Head of jupiter right laureate. Rv Victory standing right crowning military trophy Crawford 95/1b RBW 390 3.51 grms 16 mm Photo by W. Hansen95-d.png.b9207e669a25b73ca8b6547ee136e239.png

The VB monogram on this coin should be offering us a clue but so far no luck.

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