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Decentius, Amiens with legend error


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I am just too easily distracted and struggle to maintain a complete focus on my collecting themes. This doesn't fit in anywhere with my main focus areas but I bought it nonetheless.

Decentius - AE Centenionalis

Obv:- D N DECENTIVS NOB CAES, Bare-headed, cuirassed bust right
Rev:- VICTORIAE DD N(sic) AVG ET CAE, Two Victory's standing facing each other, between them holding a shield, surmounted by a Chi-Rho inscribed VOT V MVLT X in four lines
Minted in Amiens (//AMB crescent). 6th Phase August - End A.D. 352
Reference(s) – cf Bastien 126 (reverse legend error); C.-; RIC 24 var (reverse legend error)
ex- Private UK collection

4.01 gms, 22.57 mm. 0 degrees

I hadn't seen many legend errors in this series and this is what caught my eye. The legend should be DD NN AVG and the engraver has left out an N. There are not any examples noted in Bastien with this error.


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This one seemed a lonely outsider to the collection so I had to buy a little firend to go with it.

Magnentius - AE Centenionalis

Obv:– D N MAGNEN-TIVS P F AVG, Bare-headed, draped & cuirassed bust right; A behind head
Rev:– GLORIA ROMANORVM, emperor on horseback galloping right, shield on arm, wielding spear at a bare-headed enemy beneath the horse by a broken spear and shield.
Mint – Amiens (//AMB Palm Branch). May to Augyst A.D. 350
Reference(s) – Cohen 20. Bastien 104 (10 examples). RIC VIII Amiens 3

6.00 gms, 23.21 mm. 0 degrees

Quite a heavy example at 6.00 gms. I know that it has a lot of wear but I like it.


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Nice coin, and an interesting error!

I don't have any Decentius or Magnentius coins in my collection, but here's one that I recently sold at Roma (ex. eBay score)


Incidentally, I'm pretty sure yours is ex. Roma (I saw it come up for sale on eBay after it was listed there)


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Interesting find Martin

I have a decent Magnentius from Amiens, but no magnificent Decentius 🙂


Magnentius, AE 1 - Amiens mint, AD 353, seventh phase (before Aug 10th) according to Bastien
D N MAGNEN TIVS P F AVG, Draped bust of Magnentius right
SALVS DD NN AVG ET CAES, Large christogram between alpha and omega. AMB at exergue
9.20 gr
Ref : Cohen #30, LRBC #19, Bastien # 135 (15 ex), RIC # 34 (C)



Decentius, Maiorina - Lyon mint
DN DECENTIVS CAES, bare bust, cuirassed right
VICTORIA DD NN AVG ET CAE, two victories holding a wreath where is inscribed : VOT/V/MVLT/X. Dot and SV in field
4.46 gr
Ref : Cohen # 33, Roman coins # 4035, LRBC # 224



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