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Hello everyone. As many of you know, I purchase my coins from lists. I have specific "stories" that I want to tell via coins and I research which coins properly tell the story, place them in lists grouped by collection, then use those lists to decide what to buy.

This coin, however, didn't fit into any collections. I only have one "story" that involves coins later than 250 BCE, and this one doesn't fit into it. However, I just really liked it. The type is extremely common and generally low-priced, but I really loved the condition of this one. I'm also a sucker for coins that depict something one may have actually seen back then, and I suspect ancient trophies looked much like what's depicted here.

Eventually, when I redo my photography setup, I'll reshoot this coin since my photo IMHO doesn't do it justice. As I begin to write my next novel (Love, Macedonians, and Dinosaurs), I'm even considering whether to send the reverse to my cover artist as an idea.

Feel free to share your coins with trophies, or just coins that you weren't intending to buy - but just liked!


Mysia, Pergamon
133-27 BCE
AE 21.76mm 7.50g
Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena right
Reverse: ΑΘΗΝΑΣ - ΝΙΚΗΦΟΡΟΥ, trophy of armor
SNG France 1893
Ex Marc Breitsprecher


Of course, nowadays I've become more forgetful. Upon going through my collection, I realized that this is my second trophy coin. I'd previously purchased this one, which is far rarer.


Kings of Bithynia. Ziailas, circa 250-230 BCE
AE 18 mm, 4.89 g, 1 h
Diademed head of Ziailas to right. Rev. BAΣIΛE[ΩΣ] / ZIAHΛA Tropy of arms. Mørkholm, Early Hellenistic Coinage, 416. SNG von Aulock 243
Ex Obolos October 2020
Ex Leu

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Nice trophies !

The Pergamon Trophies are apparently made for collectors :classic_biggrin:. There are several sub-types with different mongrams.  Here are a few:



Mysia, Pergamon
AE18, c. 300 B.C.
Obv.: Head of Athena right, wearing three-crested Corinthian helmet with cheek-pieces lifted up
Rev.: ΑΘΗΝΑΣ ΝΙΚΗΦΟΡΟΥ, trophy of arms, OΔ monogram to left.
AE, 6.31g, 17.7mm
Ref.: SNG France 1893



Mysia, Pergamon
AE18, 2nd Century B.C.
Obv: helmeted head of Athena right
Rev.: AΘHNAΣ NIKHΦOΡOΥ, trophy of arms, ΠΕΡΓ monogram right
AE, 6.48g, 17.6mm
Ref.: SNG Von Aulock 1374, SNG Cop 396, SNG France 1875



Mysia, Pergamon
AE16, c. 300 B.C.
Obv.: Head of Athena right, wearing three-crested Corinthian helmet with cheek-pieces lifted up
Rev.: ΑΘΗΝΑΣ ΝΙΚΗΦΟΡΟΥ, trophy of arms, ΘA monogram to left.
AE, 5.46g, 16mm
Ref.: SNG France 1885; Tuebingen 2429




Mysia, Pergamon
AE18, 2nd Century B.C.
Obv: helmeted head of Athena right
Rev.: AΘHNAΣ NIKHΦOΡOΥ, trophy of arms
AE, 7.76g, 18mm
Ref.: SNG France 1875


These Pergamon trophies always remind me of Samurai:





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Great OP-addition, Kirispupis (oh, and shanxi)

=> here are a couple of my cool ol' trophy examples 


M. Furius L. f. Philus AR Denarius (below)

Obverse: Laureate head of Janus

Reverse: Roma, holding spear and wreath, trophy of Gallic arms and a carnyx left and star above, ROMA to right

Date: 119 BC

Diameter: 19.6 mm

Weight: 3.8 grams

References: Crawford 281/1


Copy (2) of ancient2face.jpg

Copy (2) of ancient2faceb.jpg


Roman Republic, Anonymous AR Victoriatus (below)

(Rome mint)

Date: After 211 BC

Diameter: 17.9 mm

Weight: 2.9 grams

Obverse:  Laureate head of Jupiter

Reverse:  Victory standing right, crowning trophy

References: Crawford 53/1

Characteristics: Good style, perfect centering and high grade …

It was voted best of type in Forvm galleries in 2014 (and still hold the title)

Ex-stevex6 … From the Professor James R. Eaton Collection


Roman Republic Anonymous AR Victoriatus.jpg

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Kings of Macedon. Antigonos II Gonatas, 277/276-239 BC. Æ Unit (22x18mm, 6.35g, 4h). Uncertain mint in Macedon. Obv: Helmeted head of Athena right. Rev: Pan right, erecting trophy to right; B-A across upper field, monogram between legs, tiller (?) to right. Ref: HGC 3.1, 1049; SNG Cop 1205-1211. image.jpeg.0d919af4ed81df163e428ece605dcfb3.jpeg

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I always liked the design too and picked one up a while back...ATHENA.jpg.197ab122abfa2f2b55f9b180ea3a0da7.jpg

Mysia, Pergamon . Circa 2nd Century BC. AE 18mm (5.31 gm).
Obv.: Head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian Egret helmet.
Rev.: ΑΘΗΝΑΣ ΝΙΚΗΦΟΡΟΥ (Athénas Nicéphore), trophy, consisting of crested helmet and cuirass with arms below; monogram to the right.
SNG von Aulock 1374; SNG France 1884. VF.L

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